Alexis Diaz – “La Pandilla” Mural got Vandalized by a Church Fanatic

Alexis Diaz- "La Pandilla", SKULL

Alexis-Diaz- "La Pandilla". Vandalized


Alexis Diaz- “La Pandilla” mural got vandalized by a fanatic religious person that who were claiming that the image was a diabolic one.

The Skull with guan PR’, located on the De Diego Avenue, Santurce. “Talk about the death of our culture; that and people, alive, left to die, unwilling to take pa’lante. “Inspired by the words of Julia de Burgos.

After the mural been vandalized Alexis return to the mural and integrate to the mural the cross painted by the religious fanatic.

Alexis Diaz is one of the most important street artist form Puerto Rico. He travels the world to paint awesome and morbid chimeras on giant walls. Using notoriously tiny brushes, Alexis Diaz dropped this highly-detailed skull.

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