Miguel Luciano’s Piragua Car



Brooklyn artist Miguel Luciano brings his shaved ice cart to Philadelphia for the exhibit Global Warming at the Icebox. Here he is talking with Pepon Osorio and making a grape ice for a kid (he charges $2 although waived the price for the child). He got the block of ice in North Philly. He built the cart himself, fiberglas over MDF board. He had it painted at an auto detailing place and had it outfitted with stereo equipment and a DVD player, which shows a flyover of arctic ice with music.


Pimp My Piragua is a mobile public art project that commemorates the innovations of Latino street vendors, transforming a traditional pushcart for selling shaved ice (Piraguas) into a hyper-modified pushcart-tricycle with a hi-fi sound and video system.  This project was commissioned by the Queens Museum of Art in 2008.

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