Rafael Tufiño

Qué bonita es. ” How beautiful is”



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Studies place the Cartel or poster in Puerto Rico from the entrance of the press to the island, approximately in 1806 , when they begin to produce typographic posters and promotional graphic leaves. Others argue that the Puerto Rican poster art began in late 1940 , 1930 and early this movement was closely linked to the use of the poster as a means to disseminate government and educational information that its decline has been for the decade of the 80’s. On May 14 Act No. 1949 was passed. 372 that created the Division of Community Education ( DIVEDCO ) in order to develop a program of development and extension of adult education in rural and urban areas of Puerto Rico. The Division produced many cartel or posters , mostly printed in silkscreen, through which educational and cultural activities were announced , among them DIVEDCO generated films and educational messages to the people in the island of Puerto Rico.

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