A powerfully progressive synthesis of electronic sound and Afro-Caribbean language, ÌFÉ is a bold new musical project from Puerto Rico based African American drummer/producer/singer Otura Mun.



Founder and Director: Otura Mun

Musicians: Rafael Maya, Beto Torrens, Anthony Sierra, Yarimir Cabán

Dancers: Jorvian Santana Ayala, Walian Sànchez


ÍFÉ House of Love. Nicola Cruz Remix


Mun, an Ifá priest or Babalawo in the Yoruba religion, has been a vanguard artist in the Puerto Rican music scene since his arrival there in the late 1990’s, producing critically acclaimed albums and songs for many of the islands most important musical voices.



Umbo (Come Down), is a musical invitation to the benevolent forces that be. Drawing from rhythms and incantations of sacred Yoruba praise songs, ÌFÉ calls out to those would would hear us in our times of need. Keenly aware that our most potent gods, and loves, are first met dancing, and we take our plunges from there. Part celebration, part adoration, Umbo beckons us into that space between places, where we can let go and be brought to shore.



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