Vito moves the PR Electro Music Scene and resonates beyond boundaries

Vito Mercado

Vito Mercado, the creator of HA! Music, has focused his career as a Promoter, Festival Producer, Manager, Festival Consultant and Developer.  His company, established since 1996, embarked on a mission to make people dance while building Puerto Rico as the Electronic Dance Music epicenter of the region.  Ha! Hidden Agenda was born in 1998 out of the idea of organizing, developing and promoting all styles of electronic music in the island, and generating enough interest to bring proper international talents.


                 Electric Daisy Carnival, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2015. Photo by SakoGraphy.


Vito is responsible for many of the mayor music festival events in Puerto Rico, such as EDC Puerto Rico Festival, Movement Getaway, We the Future Festival, Electric Holiday, Coors Light Sound Fields, Coors Light Circothic,  and other events with thousands of local and international guests. Vito Mercado said: “The quality of productions is superior every year, and the increasing size of the talents and audiences is our fuel to keep doing what we LOVE. It has become an attractive business for some, but our vision sees beyond and our undisputed experience should be the shield of our success.” “Constantly evolving and looking forward to the next step, we believe our synergy will help us reach the unimaginable goal…”


Skrillex (left) & Vito (center) in a festival Stage



Music Festival










Vito and his HA Music tribe, Analiz Zayas his wife, Jorge Ramos and Jesús M. Quiñones,  are acclaimed for building electronic music upon Puerto Rican culture and rhythms. They also help produce local DJs, helping transform artists from local to international careers. Some of their collaborations include artist such as Caleb Calloway, DANO, LVST, Emiliano Martini, and 10 days.

With the success that Vito and his tribe have had, we’re ecstatic to see them share their talent across continents fusing electronic music and other rhythms, as in ‘All Together As One’.

Vito feels that: [Ha=Truth]  …and is For Believers Only!









written and edited by FTLOB


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