DON SENARIO- El Abuelito Teatrero. Scenographic Sculpture at Santurce PR

Don Senario


The project of “Don Senario …” insert the theatrical genre urban artistic movement in this sixth edition of Santurce’s Law.  Don was born in Trastalleres Senario. He is a friend of Andy Montanes Club Los Centralinos, also known as the querendón the neighborhood. Your body has the versatility to be assembled and disassembled in any outdoor space. This wise modulus of about 20 ‘x 20’ x 20 ‘, is constructed of wood pallets, carts and reused rubber clothing. These magic that will take the fun dome. All these materials are hundred percent recycled in order to reduce the cost of materials and natural resources.


Don Senario


DON SENARIO-  El Abuelito Teatrero. “Don Senario: The granddaddy teatrero” arises in the process of seeking new spaces for theatrical activities from theater rolling mode. This scenographic sculpture, represented by the head of a grandfather, is an ode to all those human beings who came before us and who worried about leaving their knowledge to future generations.

From the piece you will appreciate the innovative and creative way it is designed and implemented technical elements: scenery, lighting and stage machinery; the latter being the most important because it is responsible for giving movement and physical life to work.


The public and the community santurcina can enjoy various performative genres, which will take place inside the mouth of Don Senario. Therefore they will be presented: monologues, circus, improvisations, performances, urban poetry, pantomime and impersonation. Thus the performing arts become our connection with the local community and the central format of a well designed and accessible for all diverse artistic offerings.

During the second weekend of March, “Don Senario …” come with their wisdom to wherever they need. He opens his mouth, he moved his mustache, his huge eyes, expand their throat and inside will toyed with the public different characters. Through these artistic dynamics we comply with the educational mission and entertainment which was created this work will be from March to enjoy the community and visitors.
Don Senario

Don Senario

Long live the art!

Jose Luis Gutierrez Reyes

Tranki …, Inc., is a non-profit company dedicated to the production and cultural management through the performing arts, theater, cinema, music, visual and audiovisual arts, among other arts.   [email protected]

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