Tostfilms. The #1 Puerto Rico Street and Art Documentation

Mario E. Ramirez, Tostfilm

Mario E. Ramirez doing independent videography is the creator of Tostfilms. Since 2012 has been documenting Puerto Rico urban art scene. The artist Mario E. Ramirez Capellá travels to different parts of the world for documenting interventions of urban space with urban artists to capture that moment of creating art and to appreciate it in different perspectives.


Mario E. Ramirez, Tostfilm


Tostfilms focuses on the documentation of urban art in the process. They have collaborated with local and international inside and outside the island artists. Artists like Alexis Diaz, BIK ISMO, David Zayas, Pixel Pancho, Spear, Don RIMX, Inti, Faith47, Jaz, Evoca1, etc… Tostfilms work has been recognized internationally and videos have been shared by social networks around the world as Street Art News, The Huffington Post, Brooklyn Street among others.


Mario E. Ramirez, Tostfilm with David Zayas, Damaris Cruz, BIK ISMO











Mario E. Ramirez, David Zayas, Damaris Cruz, BIK ISMO



Mario have an important mission when he capture that moment of artistic creation and to appreciate different perspectives. Mario is creating and immortalizing Puerto Rico Art in many ways…



Alexis Diaz “La Pandilla”, Nicole Chacón, Mario E. Ramirez


Mario strongly believe that Tostfilm is a movement. It is a means for urban art and his artistic work. Tostfilms works also as a promoter of art or artist. for more information about Tostfilm or [email protected]

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