Puerto Rican Street Artist “DEFY ” leave his mark in Barcelona Streets


His Family and close friends call him Omar Vazquez Santos but in the art world streets his name is Mostdefynite “DEFY” from ADM CRU  have leave his most recent mark in Barcelona Street.


defy_in_barcelona_mtn_2 defy_in_barcelona_mtn_1

Founded in 2002, the ADM (Aerosol Designing Minds) is a group of 8 young Puerto Ricans dedicated to the practice of graffiti. Since its inception, this group composed Bez, Defy, Dwek, Iks, Nek, Selek, Xel and Pun18, its founder, has been characterized by maintaining a solid reputation by proposing a consistent supply, fresh style, textures and design, with a colorful palette, nourishes all painted within the circuit of “writing style” along the island of Puerto Rico images. In addition, recognition has spread worldwide in places where they have exhibited their works such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Montreal, Toronto, New York and San Francisco, among others.




Which come from different cultural contexts, does not add any of these 8 artists limitation. Rather, it is the main element that impels them to achieve new aesthetic dimensions while maintaining high affinity and unique in their productions harmony. For more information about DEFY or ADM CRU email at: [email protected]


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